Message from the President

The prime objective of our fraternity is to promote, foster and encourage unity and friendship among former students who studied in the eight Olcott Schools back in our homeland, who are currently working and living in the United Arab Emirates. It is paramount for our members to gather and volunteer for few activities we conduct every year.

The annual cricket tournament is one such great event for old boys of the eight Olcott schools to share their nostalgic memories and relive the history of past eras. Let all our schools and Old Boys’ alumni resolve to continue our good work for many years ahead of us in honor of Col. Henry Steel Olcott with the sense of highest spirit that we so far displayed during every previous cricket tournaments and other activities.

Last year, Olcott School Alumni UAE reestablished the music facility of Molkava Maha Vidyala in Baduraliya that was completely damaged from the severe flood in May 2017.In addition to that, we extended our support in building a new reading facility for thechildren in this remote school.

Having passed the eleventh year Olcott Alumni journey in the UAE, we should take further
steps to contribute to the unfortunate pupils of our homeland. The first such support has been scheduled to be delivered from September 2018 as scholarships to eight pupils selected from Olcott Schools in Sri Lanka. For this purpose, I would request the Olcott Alumni members to join hands and give a collective support as much as possible.
I am sure it will be an immense honor for late Col. Henry Steal Olcott, the founder of these eight schools that we are proud of being former students.

I wish to take this opportunity to convey my sincere appreciation to Olcott Alumni office
bearers, representatives of each school and members of Olcott Alumni UAE for their invaluable support that have been rendered towards activities and entertainment organized during last twelve months.

Ranjith Dissanayake (Former Maliyadeva Student)